All natural nail manicures and pedicures use a Dead Sea scrub with jojoba oil. Combine that with a natural oil massage made with sweet almond oil, grape seed oil and an essential oil of Romi's choice and you have a luxurious treat for hands and feet.

Romi also specializes in the Raindrop technique.

Developed by D. Gary Young in the 1980's, the Raindrop technique uses essential oils combining several holistic modalities to bring balance and alignment to the body in a non-invasive manner.

It uses a sequence of essential oils that support the body's natural defenses as well as the circulatory, respiratory endocrine, digestive, nervous and other body systems.

These oils which are high in antioxidants are also mood elevating and antiseptic creating an unfavorable environment for harmful viruses and bacteria that can hibernate in the body.

Essential oils are known to boost stamina and energy as well as help you relax. Also works with managing stress and frustration while promoting overall health, vitality and longevity.

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